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Ajatuksen Valo 9 - 11


Ajatuksen Valo 11

The eleventh issue of Ajatuksen Valo marks the return to A5 format, but the zine is still very rich in content with 76 pages. This time we have interviewed Ydinaseeton Pohjola, Viimeinen Kolonna, Thisclose, Civil Olydnad, Alert! Alert!, Distortion Faith-zine, Arrestum and Kohti Tuhoa. There's also some writings about a selected shows and festivals, record reviews and articles. Plus there's some talk about Discharge bootlegs and the reputation and legacy of G.I.S.M. The zine is written entirely in finnish as usual.

Ajatuksen Valo 10

The first issue of Ajatuksen Valo was published in April 2012. As of June 2014 it's time to have the tenth issue of the zine out! Now we return to hardcore, the most important genre for the editor. It took quite long to make this ”sequel” for the issue six. One of these interviews was actually made the night when the sixth issue was published!

This time we have interviewed:

Out of Tune
Valtteri Tavast
Total Recall
Alley Gods
Bad Rep
Fight the Night (the festival)
Ravage Ritual

Finnish quality bands all the way! Some other writings deal with history of AV, gigs, records, chatter about Taxi Driver (the movie) and some other topics too. 76 pages, black and white, finnish. Know the drill? It's rectangle shaped once again, but this is the last time when Ajatuksen Valo is published in this form.

Ajatuksen Valo 9

This time we have a post-punk (and some other great music) influenced issue in our hands. Interviews with:

Kuudes Silmä
Infinite Void
Tuomas Tiainen
Countdown to Armageddon
The Estranged
Heikki Hautala
Nicolas Kivilinna

There's some mini-interviews with Kuudes Silmä (again), Silent Scream and Blue Cross as wel, and exclusive short comic story ”Mustan Mannerheimin päiväkäsky no. 1” by Tuomas Tiainen. And some writings about other topics such as comics, but mainly about music. In total there's 76 pages to read. Black & white used (but mostly black), finnish language used as usual. 210X210 mm rectangle.